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What should a Landlord provide in an unfurnished property?

March 14, 2022 | Property market  

properties can be let either unfurnished, part furnished or furnished. In this article we will focus on what a landlord should provide in an unfurnished property in the UK. Before we get into too much detail, let’s describe what these “furnishing” terms mean.
As of right now there is no clear definition in UK law as to what each category really means and what should be provided by a landlord for each instance. This can be confusing and makes it a little hit and miss. Landlords don’t always know what should be provided and tenants can be uncertain about what to expect. Below we describe the generally accepted understandings for each term.

What Does Unfurnished Mean?

A privately rented unfurnished property essentially means that the tenant is to provide the furnishings for the property, therefore the landlord does not supply any furniture for the tenant. That does not however mean that the property is let completely empty of items, more on this further in the article.

What Does Part Furnished Mean?

A part furnished property is one where the landlord supplies just the basic items required to live in the property. Necessary furniture like beds and a sofa.

What Does Fully Furnished Mean?

A fully furnished property, as the name suggests, means that items like sofas, beds, wardrobes, drawers, tables, chairs and often smaller electrical appliances can be provided by the landlord.
Remember, there is no legal definition for each of these three terms and part furnished and fully furnished rental properties will often include different items as a part of the let. However, when it comes to furnishings, Landlords need to be aware that certain items of furniture will need to conform to British Fire Safety Standards.
Whether the property is let, furnished, unfurnished or part furnished, there are still expectations held by tenants with regards to “fittings”. Fittings should not be confused with furnishings.

What Should A Landlord Provide In An Unfurnished Property?

Whilst an unfurnished property does not include furnishings, it should still include fittings and will often also include White Goods. We can guess your next question:

What Fittings Are Included In An Unfurnished Property?

Fittings is the general term that applies to items that are fitted or fixed in a property. Things like sanitary-ware (bath, shower, sink and toilets), kitchen cupboards, worktops and the sink, integrated appliances, carpeting or flooring, light fittings, internal and external doors, and the heating and hot water systems. These should all be included in an unfurnished property rental.

Renting An Unfurnished Property – Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked for clarifications by both tenants and landlords as to what should be included in an unfurnished property. Here we share a couple of the most frequently asked questions we receive and their answers:

Does Unfurnished Mean No White Goods?

Most often, unfurnished properties are let with some White Goods. “White Goods” is the collective term used to describe kitchen appliances such as a cooker, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine. However, it is not mandatory for a landlord to provide any or all of these items, so it is best to check exactly what is included in the unfurnished property prior to signing an agreement. As with furnishings, landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that the electrical appliances they provide are clean and safe to use.

Are Curtains Included In Unfurnished Rental Properties?

Landlords of unfurnished properties are not required to provide window coverings. This is one of those grey areas whereby some landlords do provide curtains or blinds and others do not. This is down to the individual landlord. If you are in any way concerned about whether curtains are included in an unfurnished rental it is best to ask for clarification. Please do not presume that any window coverings present at the time of viewing will remain as these may belong to the tenant in situ at the time of the viewing.

Renting An Unfurnished Property

There are pros and cons to weigh up when deciding to rent an unfurnished property and they will be different for each individual. For tenants the decision to rent an unfurnished property will largely be governed by your own personal circumstances, if you have a houseful of furnishings for example, then this option is probably the right one for you. Otherwise, you will need to consider how you will store your surplus personal belongings. For those just starting out, then it might be better for your circumstances to consider a furnished or part furnished property, especially if you have a tight budget.
If you are a landlord deciding whether to let your property unfurnished and would like specific advice about the options available to you, then have a chat to one of our local property experts. They will be more than happy to share their wealth of experience gleaned from working with a variety of different landlords as well as their knowledge of the local property market. They will listen to your thoughts and views and discuss with you the many options available to you.

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