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Happy jubilee day to all

May 26, 2022 | Announcement   General  

We here at switch properties would like to wish you all a jubilant jubilee day and a very big congratulations to her majesty the queen for the extraordinary achievement of being one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history.

A few fun ideas

We’d like to give you a few fun little ideas on how to spend your jubilee day:
1. Be a tourist in your city. You don’t have to fly to Rome for the day to have an adventure. Explore your city as a tourist would to discover new places, sights and activities. Start by heading to a local hotel, raiding the brochure kiosk and checking out a couple of the featured activities that pique your interest. Explore a neighbourhood you’ve never been to, or climb the highest building or hill in your city to enjoy the skyline. Bring your camera and have pedestrians snap pictures of you in front of tourist spots.
2. Try out a new recipe. Scroll through cooking blogs, leaf through food magazines or call up your great aunt to hunt down a new recipe to try. Grab ingredients from your pantry, fire up your stove and try cooking a childhood favourite or foreign cuisine. Delight your family and coworkers by surprising them with a fancy cake or gourmet pie.
3. clean out your closet. Make your life more organized and give back at the same time by spending some time cleaning out your closet. Make a pile of things you can toss in the garbage, things you can donate, and things you’d like to keep. Put the donation items in bags and bring them to a nearby shelter or set up a date where they can get picked up by a charity. You’ll feel so happy your closet has more space, and you’ll be giving clothes to people who need them.

Bank Holidays

We will be closed on the 2nd and 3rd of June for the spring bank holiday and the platinum jubilee bank holiday respectively.
But do not worry, as we are always available to assist you whatever the situation, make sure you contact us on the switch properties Emergency phone number so that we can respond rapidly.
Keep safe and enjoy the (hopefully) warm weather this season, keep in touch with us over social media as we may soon alongside dishing out our first few NFT be hosting a switch properties barbeque with vegetarian options available.

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